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The three classes of samples covering the grades of rubber described in Part II shall be as follows:

(a) MASTER INTERNATIONAL SAMPLES which were established and approved at Part I, Fourth IRQPC, April 22-27, 1968, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia carry the seal of the International Sample Committee. The MASTER INTERNATIONAL SAMPLES of each of 29 grades for which samples were made were distributed to endorsing organizations in Singapore and Malaysia, United States of America, Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom. This class of samples has been deposited and will be maintained under specialized storage conditions to minimize any changes due to deterioration or oxidation.

(b) OFFICIAL INTERNATIONAL SAMPLES have been copied from the Master International Samples under the authority of the International Sample Committee and have been supplied only to those endorsing organizations previously listed which purchased them. Such Official International Samples carry the seal of the International Sample Committee.

(c) COPY INTERNATIONAL SAMPLES, copied from Official International Samples shall be sold and distributed among the rubber industry and trade and must carry the seal of the endorsing organizations preparing them. The three International Sample Committees listed below will be primarily responsible for preparing and selling the Copy International Samples for the grades assigned to them. Additionally, any other endorsing organizations or regional group of organizations, may prepare this class of samples.

These sample books contain carefully selected pieces of rubber showing the range of quality included in the type and grade represented. Deliveries of grades specified in contracts must conform to the type and grade descriptions in Part II, and to the average quality represented by all of the pieces in the sample book. Rubber inferior to any part of the International Sample cannot be averaged with superior rubber make up a proper tender. A delivery consisting entirely of rubber equal in quality to the lower pieces in the sample book of the contract grade is not a proper tender. Since it is impractical to cover by language all the necessary description of a commodity graded by visual inspection, the average quality of the sample shall be taken in conjunction with the type and grade descriptions, and the two general prohibitions of Part II.

The conformance of deliveries to contract grade shall be determined only through visual inspection. During inspection the single pieces in the sample book must be compared with the single sheets of rubber stripped from the interior of the bale. When discoloration is not present and if it is impossible to strip single sheets from a bale for such comparison, due consideration must be given to the darker color inherent in compressed rubber.

Unless otherwise agreed to between contracting parties, quality arbitrations conducted under the rules of the respective contracts of the endorsing organizations shall be based on the Official International Samples.

There are hereby established three separate International Sample Committees responsible for those grades of rubber designated in the list below. The resident members of the three International Sample Committees are shown in the following designation. Each of the endorsing organizations listed previously shall be entitled to membership on these International Sample Committees. The non-resident endorsing organizations may be represented at an International Sample Committee meeting by one of their members or such organizations may designate any other person to represent them at an International Sample Committee meeting.

International Sample Committee of Singapore and Malaysia
Resident Members: The Endorsing Organizations of Singapore and Malaysia

Grade Grade
No. 1 RSS No. 1 Thin White Crepe
No. 2 RSS No. 3 Thin Pale Crepe
No. 3 RSS No. 1 Compo Crepe
No. 4 RSS No. 2 Compo Crepe
No. 5 RSS No. 3 Compo Crepe

International Sample Committee of Colombo
Resident Member: The Colombo Rubber Traders' Association

No. 1X Thick Pale Crepe1X Estate Brown Thick Crepe
No. 1 Thick Pale Crepe2X Estate Brown Thick Crepe
No. 2 Thick Pale Crepe3X Estate Brown Thick Crepe
No. 3 Thick Pale CrepeHard Flat Bark Crepe

International Sample Committee of New York
Resident Member: Rubber Trade Association of New York and the Rubber Manufacturers Association (U.S.A.)

No. 1X Estate Brown Thin CrepeNo. 3 Thick Blanket Crepe (Amber)
No. 2X Estate Brown Thin CrepeNo. 4 Thick Blanket Crepe (Amber)
No. 3X Estate Brown Thin CrepePure Smoked Blanket Crepe
No. 2 Thin Brown CrepeNo. 1 Thin Pale Crepe
No. 3 Thin Brown CrepeNo. 2 Thin Pale Crepe
No. 4 Thin Brown Crepe

The functions of the International Sample Committees shall be as follows:

(a)As regards Master International Samples, it shall be limited to the renewal of any such sample for any reason. The International Sample Committees shall have no authority to establish or change the standard of any Master International Sample.

(b)As regards Official International Samples, International Samples Committees shall be responsible for the preparation of such samples for sale to endorsing organizations. With respect to renewed Master International Samples and prepared Official International Samples as provided in (a) and (b) above, they shall be approved and sealed only at a meeting of an International Sample Committee for the holding of which the Secretariat shall be advised. The Secretariat shall give not less than 45 days' advance notice to all members, specifying the time and place of such meeting.

The Secretariat shall issue such advance notices to all member specifying the time and place of the meeting for approval and sealing of samples. The member organizations to which such advance notice is addressed shall promptly advise the Secretariat and the appropriate International Sample Committee whether they will be in attendance and designate the names of their representatives. The International Sample Committees, with respect to organization and procedure, shall be governed by the agreements recorded in the Report of Part II of the Fourth IRQPC.


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