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This manual of "International Standards of Quality and Packing for Natural Rubber Grades (The Green Book)" has been published under the direction of Part II, of the Fourth International Rubber Quality and Packing Conference (IRQPC) held in Brussels, Belgium, June 1968 and the authority of the endorsing organizations listed herein.

This manual supersedes and replaces "The Green Book" of January 1, 1969 of the same title. The provisions of this manual become effective with contracts entered into on and after January 1, 1979.

In part II are described the 35 standard International grades, within eight types, of natural rubber produced only from the latex of the Hevea brasiliensis tree accounting for nearly all of the international trade in dry natural rubber sold on a visual grading basis. The term "type" refers to the kind of preparation given the rubber which is described with respect to each type listed in Part II. The term "grade" refers to selected subdivisions made within a type of rubber with reference to quality. Each such grade within a type carries its own grade description.

All of these 35 grades carry the "International" designations since they were adopted at Part I or Part II of the Fourth IRQPC and have been endorsed by the organizations listed herein.

They are representative of the rubber grades that are readily made in the natural rubber producing countries. Practically all production of the types described in Part II can be selected and sorted into one of these grades.

Rubber product manufacturers in all consuming countries are familiar with these natural rubber grades and have developed their compounding and manufacturing process for the most efficient utilization of them. The majority of the consumption requirements for dry natural Hevea rubber can be satisfied with one or more of these grades sold to visual standards but see Part IV A and IV B for descriptions of, and references to other specialized grades sold under technical specifications.

Observance of and adherence to the visual standards described herein by producers, packers and shippers assures acceptance by consumers. For each of the International grades described in Part II, except as designated in the grade description, there were established Master International Samples at Part I, Fourth IRQPC. Provisions for the establishment, preparation and distribution of International Samples are contained in Part III.

The Master Samples prepared in 1968 for Comp Crepes, Thick Blanket Crepes (ambers) and Pure Smoke Blanket Crepe are no longer available as of June 15, 1978.

Part IV A designates technically specified rubbers by certain countries of origin and identifies the responsible body in each country where the specification information may be obtained for each grade of technically specified rubber produced in that country. Part IV B contains a listing and definitions of other types and grades of dry natural rubber.

Part V contains the Packing Specifications for all of the International grades described in Part II. In order to qualify as an acceptable International grade, the rubber must be packed in accordance with the Packing Specifications of Part V.

Part IV contains a Glossary of Terms applicable to all grades listed in Part II. The Fourth Conference appointed the Rubber Manufacturers Association, Inc. (U.S.A.) as the Secretariat of the IRQPC. The Secretariat will be responsible for keeping all member organizations advised of scheduled meetings of the International Sample Committee and circulating upon request any communications received from member organizations. The Secretariat will be responsible for the publication and distribution of this manual as well as any agreed amendments thereto.

It was the sense of the Fourth IRQPC that future conferences be held at least every four years, at a time and place acceptable to the majority of the constituent endorsing organizations listed herein. If requested by a member organization, the Secretariat shall ascertain and report the views of the majority of the membership on scheduling an IRQPC at a more frequent rate.


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